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Bess Motta as Judy Garland in “The Boy From OZ”

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“Bess Motta is a real find—her Garland is everything anyone could hope for, down to that special catch in her voice. She makes ‘All I Wanted Was the Dream’ sound like a true Garland recording.”
Rob Stevens, Haines His Way

“As her famous mother ‘Judy Garland’, Bess Motta practically ‘channels’ this legendary lady offering a near-uncanny portrayal—the looks, the mannerisms…’Don’t Wish Too Hard’…offer[s] Ms. Motta still another opportunity to amaze us with her uncanny Garland representation…”
Leo Buck, Buck-ing Trends

“And then there’s Bess Motta as Judy Garland. Make that, Bess Motta is Judy Garland. Her vibrato, gestures. Her throwing the mike cord over her shoulder just so. All of it: Judy. In serenades she takes the audience with her, transporting us back in time. Those who were there can relive their memories, and those who weren’t can swear they were. Power, insecurity and ferocity permeate this performance. Garland’s time in Oz is, like her life, too brief, but ohhh does Motta make the most of it, for all of us.”
Marc Wheeler, Gia On The Move

Judy Garland played by Bess Motta is absolutely divine. Motta offer audiences glimmers of Garland in everything she does, her rendition of the song “All I Wanted Was the Dream” is Garland and Motta all wrapped in one.
Ryan Luevano, Tin Pan L.A.

“Motta…tear[s] into [her] performance with fiery gusto, [her] embodying the cynicism and quirky mannerisms of Judy in her later years with uncanny precision”
Ellen Dostal, MusicalsInLA

“Motta’s wonderful turn as the disentranced, bitter Garland is the show’s true standout, amazingly showcasing someone who really only exists on stage, and is diminished and slight otherwise.”
Paul Birchall, Stage And Cinema

For tickets: http://www.celebrationtheatre.com/#!the-boy-from-oz/fni0w

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